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Sure, Bluetooth® technology is simple, secure and everywhere. In fact, Bluetooth is by far the most prolific wireless standard, adding over one million nodes to the network every day. But, determining which Bluetooth module will meet your demands isn’t necessarily easy.

Arrow Electronics and Panasonic Electronic Components not only offer a variety of Bluetooth modules for different applications, we are also offering our expertise to help you choose which module will best meet your needs.

With so many Bluetooth RF Module offerings, how do you decide which one will work best for you? We can answer that -- Ask Our Expert.

Panasonic Bluetooth® Classic

Ask an expert all you panasonic bluetooth questions

Bluetooth Classic is best suited to high data rate applications ,(up to 3Mbits/sec), where the network size is under eight nodes. Panasonic offers three series of Bluetooth devices with over 20 parts numbers to address nearly every application.

Bluetooth Classic Features

  • Larger networks formed with Scatternets
  • Robust connections, even in noisy environments, using 80 channels, (each 1MHz wide), adaptive frequency hopping, and multiple modulation schemes
  • Range adjusted using hardware and software, from under a meter to over two hundred meters

Panasonic Bluetooth® Dual Mode

Ask an expert all you panasonic bluetooth questions

Panasonic Dual Mode RF Modules use 80 % less board area than any multi-module or device design, (only 85.5 mm2, including antenna), and reduce the costs associated with incorporating two wireless technologies. These modules are 100% pin compatible with other members of the PAN13xx family. This unique design feature enables seamless transitions between Bluetooth Classic, Low Energy and ANT™ enabled modules, addressing larger markets and providing migration paths to circumvent obsolescence.

Panasonic ANT™

ANT™ is a wireless sensor network protocol designed for ultra-low power, ease of use, efficiency and scalability. ANT operates in the 2.4 GHz spectrum and supports peer-to-peer, star, tree and fixed mesh topologies. It provides reliable data communications, flexible and adaptive network operation and cross-talk immunity. The ANT protocol stack is compact, requiring minimal microcontroller resources to reduce system costs, lighten the computational burden and improve efficiency. Low-level security is implemented to allow user-defined network security.

Panasonic Dual Mode Module Series Bluetooth + Low Energy

Panasonic Dual Mode Module Series Bluetooth + ANT

Panasonic Bluetooth® Low Energy

Ask an expert all you panasonic bluetooth questions

Bluetooth Low Energy reduces power consumption down to a tenth of a Classic Bluetooth unit. It is only activated for events such as sending files, and otherwise stays in sleep mode. By establishing short messages and very fast connections, (few ms), Bluetooth Low Energy has a maximum power consumption set to less than 15 mA and the average power consumption is about 1 uA. This enables a small coin cell – such as a CR2032 – to power a device for up to 10 years.

Panasonic Bluetooth Low Energy Module Series:

PAN1325A/1315A Series

PAN1321/1311 Series


PAN1323 ETU Series

PAN1317/1327 Series

PAN1720 Series

PAN1455/1555 Series

PAN1316/1326 Series