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BeMicro SDK-Based Motor Control Kit

Bemicro addon block diagram
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Part Number Description
LTC2942-1 The LTC2942-1 is a Coulomb counter that integrates current in and out of the Li-Ion battery powering the BeMicro in Motion board to accurately calculate state of charge. Buy Now
LTC3529 LTC3529 is small and simple to use boost converter used to generate a stable 5V intermediate bus voltage that can source up to 500mA. Buy Now
LTC4160-1 LTC4160-1 is a battery charger that charges the battery in the BeMicro in Motion board when it is plugged into the USB port. It seamlessly handles the switch-off between the 5V USB power and the single cell Li-Ion battery to choose the correct source to power the BeMicro in Motion board. Buy Now
LTC1999 LTC1999 is a bi-directional current sense amplifier used to sense the current through the stepper motor. This information is fed back into the PID feedback loop implemented in the FPGA. The high voltage input common mode allows this device to be used for rugged industrial applications. Buy Now
LTC1865L LTC1865L is a 16-bit, 150ksps, micro power, successive approximation register (SAR) ADC. It digitizes the current sense information output by the LT1999 current sense amplifier. This digitized data is used in the PID control loop for the Stepper Motor. Buy Now
LTC2485 LTC2485 is a 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC. It’s Easy Drive® technology enables rail to rail inputs with zero differential input current. This allows it to accurately sense from a wide variety of industrial sensors. Buy Now

Samtec, Inc., designs, manufactures, and markets signal integrity, rugged/power, and micro pitch interconnect solutions for board-to-board, cable-to-board, and panel and I/O applications.

Samtec is a privately held company with headquarters in New Albany, IN (USA). Samtec products are used in a variety of industries including telecommunications, computers and peripherals, medical, industrial, and test and measurement, among others.

The Samtec MEC6 Series (part number MEC6-140-02-S-D-RA1) was selected for the BeMicro SDK-Based Motor Control kit application for several reasons, including:

Get more information on the MEC6–RA Series:

MEC6-RA Product Specifications


System Level Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (SLS), an emerging technology firm, provides an extensive portfolio of intellectual property (IP), software, and test and measurement solutions for products in enterprise, industrial, automotive, and embedded systems markets.

As an original design manufacturer (ODM), SLS provides critical engineering services including FPGA design, system-on-a-chip (SoC) design, device driver development, embedded software development, and high-speed PCB design. SLS is a one-stop shop for design services.

SLS designed the BeMicro SDK-Based Motor Control Solution, and contributed motor control IP and hardware.