Arrow Electronics Services

Why Arrow Services?

Arrow is a recognized leader in managing a best-in-class, globally complex supply chains and logistics operation. Combining this expertise with acquisitions made in the Reverse Logistics space provides expansive services offerings. These services address common challenges faced by manufacturers in the high-tech industry across all stages of their product’s life.
Our customers typically benefit from:

  • Improved efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and reliability
  • Reduced risk and total costs
  • Improved ability to focus on critical priorities while Arrow does the legwork
  • Design
  • Production
  • Reverse Logistics
  • End of Life

Application Engineering

From design challenge to design solution, Arrow engineering team offers unparalleled engineering expertise.

Turnkey ASIC by Custom Logic Solutions | FPGA Design

Turnkey ASIC: Arrow‘s CLS (Custom Logic Solutions) offers platform independent, high-quality, turnkey ASICs to customers that require IP protection and life-long product support.

FPGA Design: Need guidance or design work to migrate to an Altera FPGA-based project? Arrow has the solution.

Power Supply Design

Whether you need a schematic, troubleshooting or to configure a power system from the ground up, Arrow's team of power supply design experts is here to help.

Testdrive™ Tool Evaluation Program

Try it before you buy it! Testdrive offers a large selection of development tools to help you select the best solution for your next generation product.

Third Party Design through ACES

Let us evaluate your engineering design outsourcing needs and present you with the best engineering design services company for the job. We are putting our name behind them.

Supply Chain | Logistics

Arrow helps to improve efficiencies and flexibility through a legacy of supply chain and logistics services, including:

Shortage Fulfillment

Arrow-owned Verical provides an online shortage fulfillment option by serving as the industry’s leading factory outlet for electronic components.

Turnkey Manufacturing | Kitting Solutions

For customers that outsource manufacturing, these services allow customers to reduce inventory levels, procurement costs, and cycle times by relying on Arrow’s material management and manufacturing coordination services to deliver finished assemblies (or just-in-time production ready kits) on demand.

Solid State Lighting Solutions

Combining Arrow’s design expertise with the manufacturing capabilities of Arrow-owned ETG provides a one-stop solution that can accelerate your transition to Solid State Lighting.


Arrow provides high quality device programming services that can support your global manufacturing strategy while ensuring the safety of your IP.

Tape & Reel Packaging

Quick-turn tape and reel packaging services are offered as a compliment to our programming services or as a stand-alone service.


Arrow offers a wide variety of services that can simplify your supply chain and take total cost out of your operation. Services include world-class connector assembly; wire & cable services power and thermal management solutions; industrial and medical tubing; non-production kitting , lead forming and trimming and light manufacturing for component modification.

Integration (OEM Computing Solutions)

As an outsourcing partner for original equipment manufacturers, Arrow supplies, builds and integrates customized embedded or stand-alone devices and appliances to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Breaking Tape & Reel

When smaller quantities are what you're after, let Arrow save you time and reduce your inventory with our Breaking Tape & Reel program.

Testing, Tinning, Marking

Arrow's production services include component testing/tinning and device marking.

Product Returns Management

Arrow supports customers by proactively managing your reverse supply chain, streamlining the product returns process to minimize operational overhead and inefficiencies through Resolve, an Arrow-owned company.

Spare Parts Management

Arrow manages customers’ spare parts programs to reduce a technology-driven organization’s inventory and costs while improving service levels to your internal and external partners through Resolve, an Arrow-owned company.

Surplus Inventory Management

Through the online store offered by Verical, an Arrow-owned company, options that quickly turn surplus components and finished systems into recovered value.


Arrow helps generate revenue from your product returns once returned materials have passed inspection through Resolve, an Arrow-owned company.

EOL Notification | Supply Assurance

Customers with ongoing demand for parts after the component manufacturer has discontinued production can order pedigree, factory-direct parts directly from Arrow.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Arrow provides customers with secure, compliant processes for the disposal of retired IT assets, also known as IT Asset Disposition.

Additional Services