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Arrow and TE Connectivity... the right connections, inside and out, order your free samples today!

Today's world is moving faster than ever before and the demand for increased speed in connectivity solutions has never been greater. Fortunately, Arrow and TE Connectivity (TE) are here to help pick up the pace. Fast. 

Arrow and Analog Devices' BeMicro SDK/SDP Interposer

Acting as an adapter that connects various Analog Devices evaluation boards to the BeMicro SDK, it’s the key element in simplifying hardware and software evaluation systems. Jumpstart your design now!

New 2013 Altera Development Tools Brochure is Here!

The 2013 brochure is now featuring the new 28 nm portfolio including Stratix® V, Arria® V and Cyclone® V FPGAs.


New Products


Technical Papers and Tools

Cree LED Module Specifier Guide

Product Briefs

One design for many applications

Residential, restaurants and retail; shopping malls and showrooms; hospitals and hospitality, atriums and airports—no matter what your space, Cree LED modules can significantly reduce the Lighting Power Density (LPD) without compromising quality of light.

Cree Modules Guide

Product Briefs

One LED module for multiple applications. 

Residential, restaurants and retail; shopping malls and showrooms; hospitals and hospitality, atriums and airports—no matter what your space, Cree LED modules can significantly reduce the Lighting Power Density (LPD) without compromising quality of light. Specify Cree LED modules with the lumen output you need to simplify your design process and achieve consistent, full-spectrum lighting for your space.

X - 500 /55 Series Enhanced Erase

White Paper

Swissbit X-500 products optionally include enhanced methods for secure and fast user data erase (data sanitizing / purge). All user data and firmware internal buffer blocks (used for garbage collection etc.) will be erased.

Digital Compass Solutions HMR3200/HMR3300

App Notes

The Honeywell HMR3200/HMR3300 are digital compass solutions for use in precision heading applications.
Honeywell’s magnetoresistive sensors are utilized to provide the reliability and accuracy of these small, solid
state compass designs.

TruePoint™ Compass Module HMR3500

App Notes

The HMR3500 TruePoint™ compass module is a 3-axis digital compass solution with a customizable coordinate system for mounting in any desired orientation.

Digital Compass Solution HMR3400

App Notes

The Honeywell HMR3400 is a digital compass solution designed for use in navigation and precision pointing applications. Honeywell’s magnetoresistive sensor technology is coupled with a MEMS accelerometer to provide a miniature, reliable tilt-compensated electronic compass.

Digital Compass solution HMR3000

App Notes

The Honeywell HMR3000 is a digital compass module that rovides heading, pitch, and roll outputs for navigation.

Expanding a Strong Foundation: “Ruggedizing” Connectors for Next-Generation Embedded Computing Applications

White Paper

Extreme testing under VITA 72 led to an enhancement of the contact for MULTIGIG RT 2 connectors for VITA 46 VPX applications. The new MULTIGIG RT 2-R connector offers unprecedented ability to withstand vibration and mating cycles.

Graphics and Media Performance in Intelligent Systems

White Paper

Enhanced video and image processing make the Intel® AtomTM processor
ideally suited for a broad range of intelligent systems.

Intel® Celeron® Processor and Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Product Families in Retail

White Paper

Transform user experiences in entry retail devices with full HD video decode,
improved graphics, quad-core compute performance, and built-in security.

Push-in Relays: Faster Connections

White Paper

 Today’s industrial control engineers and installers need to save space in the cabinet and reduce installation time. They need connection technology that is smaller, faster, safer and error-free, all at a lower cost. As manufacturers look for new ways to reduce costs, this trend even applies to industrial relays.

CN0239: Broadband 6 GHz Active Mixer with a Glueless Local Oscillator Interface

Reference Design

 Benefits & Features: 6GHz active mixer; Glueless LO interface;Small footprint

 Applications: Communications; Defense Electronics; Electronic Test & Measurement; Radar


CN0290: Extending the Low Frequency Range of a High Performance Phase Locked Loop

Reference Design


Benefits & Features: Phase locked loop with extended low frequency range; LO down to 10MHz, RF down to 100MHz; Low distortion and phase noise
Applications: Communications; Defense Electronics; Electronic Test & Measurement; Radar


Solving the M2M/IoT Equation, by Joseph Zaloker, Director of Technical Marketing

White Paper

There’s been a lot of talk about how large the market is for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M), but there seems to be a shortage of practical and useful information around how one really goes about developing and deploying a winning intelligent System.

White Paper: The Building Blocks Needed To Make Internet of Things (IoT) Happen

White Paper

The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined in different ways, and it encompasses many aspects of life – from connected homes and cities to connected cars and roads to devices that track an individual’s behavior and use the data collected for “push” services.

CN0287: Isolated 4-Channel, Thermocouple/RTD Temperature Measurement System with 0.5 °C Accuracy

Reference Design

Benefits & Features: 4-Channel Thermocouple/RTD Measurements; Fully Isolated; Input Protection

Applications:  Avionics; Electronic Test & Measurement; High Temperature; Programmable Logic Controllers/ Distributed Control Systems; Temperature Controllers

CN0277: High-Precision, 18-Bit, 5 MSPS, Low Power Data Acquisition Signal-Chain

Reference Design

Benefits & Features: 18-bit, 5MSPS Data Acquisition; Low Power; LVDS Outputs

Applications:  Avionics; Electronic Test & Measurement; Imaging


CN0273: High Speed FET Input Instrumentation Amplifier with Low Input Bias Current and High AC Common-Mode Rejection

Reference Design

Benefits & Features: FET input instrumentation amplifier; High bandwidth; Small PCB footprint

Applications: Electronic Test & Measurement; Instrumentation

Igniting New Industrial Opportunities

Product Briefs

Enabling a new era of industrial automation solutions with the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family